Organize your Thoughts on Painting

Boy, i think I hit on something here… I came across this on and off a few times in the past couple years, but when i started watching this local artist in T.V. for about 6 shows he did, i noticed he repeated certain words…..

“Is it a warm or is it a “cool” color?    This simplifies things sooooo much in your head and eliminates so much confusion and frustration.

He didn’t elaborate further than that. But here’s my take on it.     My palette is mainly using the warm/cool versions of each color on the color wheel. (warm & cool blue, warm & cool red etc etc..

So…once you get used to using just 2 versions of each color on the wheel, you’ll ask yourself, IS IT A WARM OR COOL while you’re paining (of a blue or whaterver you’re using).

So simple.       You just need to try and get the values right too of course, but that is another organized thought…VALUES , not color.  You don’t have to get the colors dead on like the photo, unless that’s what you want to do. I don’t. I just try to get them pretty close.  It kind of depends on the subject. If it were a single blue vase..sure. But if it’s a landscape…the gree trees and so on don’t need to be perfect color correct.   You can see how you can actuall be reminding yourself on this and how it takes out alot of confusion if you start feeling unsure about yourself.

Does your Life background Influence your Painting Syle?

Just thinking about this….Van Gogh of course…had major problems. If he didn’t, would he not have been as great as he was? I’m thinking no.

MILLIONS of people have problems and doesn’t mean people like this will produce great work automatically.

Off top of my head…John Lennon of the Beatles had big personal problems (witnessed his mother get killed by a car (off duty policeman). when he was very young.

I kow for a fact, it disturbed him emmensly throughout life….Childhood trauma, etc…wonder if it contributes to the uniqueness of a person’s painting style?

Issac Newton..major depression.

Earnest Hemingway…same.

At least it’s good know it’s a possiblity. Me? major…

And i am sure it pushes a person to be great because he or she knows she or he is different than others because of those demons. But it’s very hard to demand of yourself like that. I painted today and I’ll pay for it the next few days….always a repercussion. Have to learn to bend and back off when it’s called for.

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