3 Birds

Food Stand Philippines Fishing at Jetty Guitar and Rose Guitar with Rose (second one) Fern jpg Abstract (2) jpg Abstract Einstein Donica Donica in Doorway Delicate Arch JPG Day the Earth Dance Group (2) Cocoa Brigette Bardot Brugge Canal Two Brugges Canal Canoes Catherine Deneuve jpg Cherries Jpg Chocolate Hills BLUE GUM TREE FINAL jpg Bee Ball on Beach Asian Face Apples in Sky with Frame Apple Tree in Lane Apple on Wall Spolarium Street JPG Academy Lane Academy White Barn3 Birds

Hello, new here..would like to meet some new people who also like painting. And discuss, chat about the struggles of it.


11 thoughts on “3 Birds”

  1. I LOVE looking for pictures of different kinds of owls! I am amazed at their sizes, shapes, and colors, but more so their eyes and expressions. They’re pretty COOL!

    1. Thanks Liz…those are sparrows!! (haha). Maybe you knew that though and i misunderstood you’re meaning on owls. Owls are very cool, i hope we don’t extinquish those next! So, you like astronomy too? Do you have telescope? I know their’s some very great dark places in Hawaii. Not around here nearby. I can see some cool things on my veranda at night but only the brighter objects.

  2. Sorry about that, Pat! I was just looking at someone’s bulletin board on Pinterest on Owls, especially baby owls and the middle bird looked like it had owl eyes! If that is a family, I would paint the dad with darker feathers. I have gone bird watching many times and taught my grandchildren how to recognize the males from females. Anyway, how could I miss that! The ones on the side gave it away!

    I don’t have a telescope, but my nephew showed me an app on the iPad where you can see the configuration of the galaxies, locate the planets close to earth and see Big Dipper, etc. Do you have an iPad? I forgot the name of the app but it costs $.99

  3. Ok Liz…i’ll take a photo of my telescope for you tomorrow….i don’t have an ipad. I don’t know much about them even. My son has one I think. I used my new camear with the huge telephoto lens last night to take a photo of the Pleadies star cluster overhead. Unfortunately, it was just starting to get cloudy..darn it. I had an exposure of about 30 seconds and of course that would cause them to slightly streak (blur) do the the earth’s rotation in that time….i’ll send you a couple i took THROUGH my telescope a few years back..of Saturn and Mars..pretty cool ones.

  4. Pretty cool to have a telescope Pat, look forward to seeing your pics. I enjoy your photography as much as I enjoy your paintings. “Philippine Neighbors” make me think “happy!” and “3 Birdies” are just plain adorable. I love the effect of the colors used.

    Maybe this will trigger a desire to paint something – seems I’ve lost my painting mojo since the end of last year. Just temporary I’m sure but it does seem strange as it happened so suddenly.
    As I try to figure out why it happened, the question that keeps coming to mind is “why am I painting?”. Almost as if I need a reason to start again. Why would I need a reason? Maybe I should just pick up the brush again and put paint to paper. No reason needed. Probably overthinking this. Should I just relax and see what happens? or do I need to push myself? Then again, “why am I painting?” uh boy ….. 🙂

    1. Hi Denise, nice to see you. The reason I paint is probably like alot of people….just to feel more important when it comes down to it.
      And because of that, when i don’t paint for a couple weeks, i think my motivation is out of guilt for not painting. It’s like that with anything. I used to be into bodybuilding many years ago and i couldn’t stop no matter how much i felt like it…after all that few years of extreme pushing myself to get to where i was. That’s even worse! When you stop, all that muscle deteriorates….no like painting. At least with painting you have them to keep no matter what. I posted a bunch of other paintings i did yesterday on here. I hope they show up “somewhere”.
      Denise, when i paint, i don’t paint much more than 20min to half hour and i’m not timing it either. I MIGHT paint longer but only if i’m caught up in it and WANT to. So, their is alot of layers going on, dried, and repeating. I currently doing a closeup of a flounder (fish). Will get it out on Wed. and do a little more.

  5. Hi Pat, I see you’ve posted a bunch of your paintings here. How do you post multiple photos? I usually do only one at a time. I want to find out how to do a photo gallery on a post. If you keep these photos here, maybe you could go to this post, edit with a title change like ‘3 Birds and Other Paintings’. Just a suggestion to help somebody looking for your paintings later on.

  6. Liz…i just went up to NEW POST (upper left of screen). Then i used TEXT and in that box you can see where you can add images. I just held down my Ctrl key and selected multiple photos. You’ll have to watch it because at first it appears it’s done downloading, but it’s not…just give it time.

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