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Ok, I hope everyone can see this new post…

I was thinking on how I research constantly blah blah..and how it can be detrimental to the real time painting process because it become restricting. Why? It’s like some huge massive math equation..if a number is missing, the equation doesnt’ work. I feel if I’m excluding something or things…it won’t “work as a painting. But many artists exclude these principles…that’s why I love Gaughan….simple. He didn’t add blue to shadows because it contained reflected sky light (well possibly a little), but many   Just instinctive judgement. “Principles and techniques” are logic and they really restrict the artistic freedom and using your personal judgement or “taste” WHILE painting in real time. The create worry!


6 thoughts on “More Thoughts”

  1. Pat, it’s exciting to start a new blog! I think the feeling of excitement never wears off and you can sense this in reading other people’s posts. It’s a profound thing – why people start blogging. . .One guy expressed it really well, like how I would explain it. He said something like it’s good if others will come and read his posts, but the reason for his blogging is for SELF. SELF expression, a way of sorting and putting down on paper thoughts and feelings, joys and uncertainties, fears and concerns that are real and imagined, etc. In blogging there are many ways to express SELF. For me, I’ve used plain writing, even found that I could do poetry, and could post some of my art and showed off my grandchildren’s art, and posted my amateur photography and used many free photos from others. Going back to how this guy said it, I write because there is a need for my SELF expression; I write for MYSELF. I have almost 400 posts since May 2012. Here’s something kinda funny, Pat. I sometimes post something twice when I feel like I should post it again, and I may often ‘REBLOG’ ‘ someone else’s post that I really liked. And when I helped my husband, friend, granddaughter start theirs and got my son to resurrect his, like you’re doing yours, I put in a post and ‘announced’ it. One last note: you need to keep up your blog because anyone who finds you will like to come back and visit again . . .and visit again and again even though you blog for self expression! -Liz

    1. So far so good. I have you on here obviously and a couple others. I hope you all keep coming back on here.
      Liz, i also got out my Flounder painting I started. I told myself NO, don’t get it out because I have been feeling real bad the past 4 days and i kind of attribute it to painting. It always puts me in a bad mood and state of mind. I have a Dr. Appointment tomorrow morning and now I feel practically guilty beacuas it’s too late now…I’ll have to deal with it now.
      It’s hard to explain. I think i get some kind of hyper reaction and then maybe even defensive inside, but NO WAY would i show i might come across as acting with an attitude…just to protect myself. I’m going to be real uptight tomorrow. I only painted about 20min. total i can try to tell myself it wasn’t too much.

  2. Pat, I’ll keep coming back. We can all learn t about ourselves and about each other. I see this blog as a self improvement or self healing for you. I hope it helps you to realize what a wonderful artist you are and that it’s ok to keep reaching for higher marks. If we didn’t, we would be bored and not really have a reason to continue painting. This is true, I believe, of anything we do in life. Maybe we should be reasonable with our own expectations so to not be so hard on ourselves…. just one goal at a time.

    1. Thanks Polli (is that you’re real name..i think you told me once it’s not). I’ve felt like I hit rock bottom so many times in painting over the last 5 years. And i had to direction in life without painting…like you say. And i really WAS ready to give it up many times. For now…i’m ok. Right…it’s easy to say not so hard on one’s self, but I am that way alot. With anything i do. I’ll mention that I’m on a medication the past few weeks that has been helping me just a little bit…not quite so frustrated with myself. Still hard, but tryhing to work with it.

      1. Dianne is my name, Pat…
        I knew there was a change in you. I think it’s wonderful. I am so happy that you are able to have a better outlook on your life and your painting. I can almost see a smile on your face. Don’t give up on painting… yours is a talent not to be wasted!

      2. It is the day after…always feel low and down after I’ve done a little bit of painting next day. Probably because your mind gets kind of worked up and hyper in a way when you’re involved with the painting, even if it is only 20 min. When you wake up the next day, it’s all over with that excitement is gone. When i think of painting now, it’s just a mental image of labor and drudgery.

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