My most Recent One

Hoping this shows up here…I’m new at this. Thanks LIZ for  your help and getting this Blog going for me.

Apple Tree Road jpg


7 thoughts on “My most Recent One”

  1. Beautiful scene, Pat!I LOVE sunrises and sunsets! I can watch sunrises from my bed. Somehow they seem to take place faster than sunsets, I.e. the sun comes out faster and goes down slower, not giving me much time to get my camera.

  2. Thanks Liz, I got it out a while ago and added just a few more thin branches to make especially the top of the tree more’s kind of flat looking (shape).
    And a few more touches of the purplish shadow of the tree, a touch of that purple for a shadowed cloud and just a hint of the purplish slightly lighter than the black of the tree..and put it along the left edge of the trunk..wanted it to have a little bit of shading on it.

  3. Beautiful painting Pat, reminds me of a place I loved to walk. I absolutely love your eye for detail, like the perfect reflections in the water, and all the colours in the sky. I love sunsets, but don’t see such great and colourful ones often.

    1. Riya, i have been doing the photography about 40 something years…i used to develop my own prints for several years too..mostly black and white(i should be doing some more of fact i’m going to get a few out and see if i can find some more recent one’s i’ve taken and see if they look good as black and whites.)
      No One appreciates photographs like paintings. Paintings will always have more respect and pretigue. Too bad…i started painting about 40 years ago and really had high hopes. I painted about 4 or 5 and i got so hung up on them that i was painting without a break for like 20 hours till the sun came up in the morning. I couldn’t leave it and when i did and came back i was so dissapointed in what i saw. It about killed me inside that i had to quit and give it all up. Then, a friend of mine i re-met on facebook about a year ago (knew from way back in High School) pretty much kept NAGGING me to paint again. (he painted and sold his in a shop in St. Augustine, but these were simple little paintings almost cartoonish..he was just doing it for money as souveners for people to buy). So………..i made myself paint….then, after less than a year, he’d never say any comments on my posted paintings on facebook..nothing. It made me kind of angry so i haven’t connected with him in about a year now again. He pushed me into doing it and when i did…………never commented or anything. BUT………..i’lm still doing it, not every day of course, but a little here and there.

  4. I think you are right, and it is a shame not giving credits to photo’s as much as paintings. I have seen some real awesome photo’s that I would have loved hanging on my wall. I always try to make that one picture that I would love to size up for my wall, I think it is really hard to make that kind of photo’s, as hard it is to paint a great painting. Most people just make snapshots, nothing wrong with them, but a good photo is so much more.
    I love black and white photo’s, or sepia. I have made a few, sometimes when I discoverd a place that just looked best in black and white, I’ll change my camera settings. Colours sometimes distracts from the main object. To tell a story I think black and white photo’s are the best to use.

  5. I started photography just a few years ago, 2007, before that I just made some family snapshots. I really had to learn to make some decent and good photo’s, my partner helpt a lot. Sometimes we made almost the same photo, but his’ looked always better. It was sometimes just due to one step further away, or to the side that made that big difference.
    Painting is something I started a few years later, 2010, so not that much experience but I like it. I didn’t paint much the last year, due to my wristproblems, but I did make a few very nice atc cards after paintings from Vincent van Gogh. I absolutely loved it to paint on size 2,5 x 3,5 inch and lefthanded.
    I am happy that your friend made you paint again, pitty that he never replied or encouraged you after your new start. It is strange that he doesnot seem to apriciate his own advice and now he lost a friend too. I am glad that you still paint, even it is a struggle for you sometimes. But, Vincent van Gogh and more Great Masters had that same struggle and all produced a lot of great awesome paintings…and you will too, no correction…you do right now.

  6. Riya, yes Vincent Van Gogh really had a big problem painting. He was obsessed and in a way painting made him feel BAD. But he had to do it. Can you believe nobody bought any of his work when he was alive….he never knew just how big he was. But, even if he lived to see his fame, i am sure he would still be unhappy. Fame doesn’t take care of problems like he had. He was after something that he’d never attain. And it was personal to him. I worked on the Flounder fish painting just now…probably half hour at least. I called it done, but i’m sure i’ll take one last look in about 4-5 days. And that’ll be it. It’s pretty good. I went off on my own with it and it wasn’t my plan to do that…..i guess that is why some artist’s have their own style. I always go off on my own track alot when i paint. I never plan to though. I just start to see balance of color and value and at that point I’m no longer concerned with the photograph, just the balance of things.

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