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5 thoughts on “Some More”

    1. Hi Riya, Kind of surprised you mention that one because i was just going to toss that. I have so many photographs that I’ve saved over the years and that one was just taken in the backyard. But I can understand what you mean. It has that imperfect nature to it and really can see how it would be a good one to paint.

      1. I love the close-up and isolation of this tiny leaf. It just shows that even imperfect, the greatest art we find in those tiny things in our backyard. It doesn’t always have to be the big picture, from woods or mountains. No, I really love the small things, they have so much beauty and colour in it. And that imperfection is just like I think we are. No one is perfect, strange thing that most people only like perfect objects. I too, try to paint ‘perfect’ being a perfectionist, that’s why I always start to fiddle and put in more details…and end up with a painting that is not to my satisfaction.

        I made thousands of photo’s too, and some really ask to be paint…funny that most of these ‘would be’ paintings are leafs. I would love to try my hand on this little but colourful leaf. The lovely heartleaf I found yesterday, is not as beautiful and colourful as yours, just a nice yellow heart, with some tiny green spots.

  1. I have to mention like you’re saying about us humans are imperfect too. I have to bring up Brigette Bardott…i painted her once. But, anyway, her eyes…one is slightly looking in a different direction than the other one. Not sure if you’re familiar with her. And it is just that, which makes her so beautiful.(and of course, we’ve heard of the so called “beauty marks”. I am a perfectionist like you too.But a very realistic painting is not really the same thing we are talking about. Being a perfectionist is just not being satisfied and nudging all the time to make things just right, it’s not necessarily we want it to look like the photo at all..2 different things here. I’ve taken a few closeups of a single leaf over the years…some are very cool with holes in them. I saved a few in a box for a long time. You can paint mine if you want too.

  2. Riya, Cad. Yellow…yes, i know that a few tubes are REAL expensive. Sometimes it’s between the artist’s quality or the lesser quality. I have read you should never get the cheap stuff…something about fillers in it and when you add white, it tints very very easily. I need to go out maybe later today and get some Thalo Blue (transparent). I never used that color before. I would be handy for the finishing stages to cool something down…because it’s transparent. Not painting today, might tomorrow for 20min. or so…Probably still wet today anyway.Question…do yuou take pain medication? Long story but..i used to for my shoulder for about 4 years, then they randomly told me to take a urine sample one day….then i got a note in the mail denying me any more pain medications. I guess something showed up that i was taking some OTHER one with it and i have no idea how they showed that….i went to my family Dr. yesterday to tell her about this (this is 4 years ago now)..and she refered me BACK to that pain clinic and hopefully with a supportive note…so i can ask that pain Dr. again if he’ll let me resume my pain meds….i sure hope i get a different one since last time i visited there…i doubt he’d do anything to help me.

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